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Rideshare Passengers

Rider / Passenger Safety for Rideshares

Designed solely with one purpose in mind, RideAfide created the first ever independent rideshare verification service.  Our iOS and Android Rider App is designed to provide riders safe and secure rides.  Our app has a unique proprietary notification system that can send alerts to any contacts through email, SMS Text or both.  Sign up Today!

Rideshare safety has never been so easy...scan & verify

Register as a rider/passenger, download and connect our mobile app and then scan the RideAfide QR Emblem on your drivers vehicle.

Before entering the vehicle you can verify the drivers photo, vehicle and license plate.  Upon entering the vehicle feel safe with an Emergency Notification button that allows you to notify contacts in situations

That’s It…Identify, Verify & Notify – That’s RideAfide

Safety Comes First

Scan RideAfide QR Emblems to verify your rideshare driver and vehicle is the one your ordered from your app

Alert Notification System

Mark every ride safe with a click of a button or trigger an emergency alert to your contacts in case of an event

Enjoy VIP Discounts

RideAfide is establishing great partner relationships to deliver our Riders with products and services to enhance your traveling experiences

Works with any Rideshare

RideAfide is the only independent verification service that works across any service, Uber, Lyft, Via & Others

User Profile

Create a simple profile, enter emergency contacts to receive notifications and track every rideshare vehicle you scan with the app

Special Incentives

RideAfide is providing Amazon Gift Cards for Rider Testimonials showing the love, limited time offer only

From the Headlines...Why RideAfide is Needed!

Top questions from riders

No.  RideAfide is an independent verification, safety and notification company.  We identified the need to provide riders/passengers with additional levels of safety while using these services and strive to raise the bar in providing a safer experience that ensures all parties get to their destinations.  

RideAfide offers several options to drivers when they sign up for the RideAfide services.  All drivers are processed through our proprietary 19 point verification system.  Drivers may also have an additional background check performed which will raise their badge level within the RideAfide system.  We urge all drivers to complete a full background check to provide riders/passengers with the utmost confidence in their travels.

There is no fee for riders or passengers to download our mobile app or sign up for the RideAfide services.  There are several premium options that allow riders/passengers to send notifications to emergency contacts via email or SMS text messages.  

Yes, we have designed our system to allow full control of who you want to notify in an emergency situation.  You can send to multiple contacts at the same time and you can send an email, SMS text or both to ensure your contacts receive the notification.

This is brand new functionality released into the rideshare market, RideAfide is taking every opportunity to educate rideshare drivers and companies as quickly as possible, however we encourage you to ask your drivers “Where is your RideAfide Emblem?” and tell them how you feel more secure and how they should sign up at 

Your emergency contacts will receive an email, SMS Text or both within seconds of your pressing the Emergency button.  The message they receive can be pre-written by you in your profile.  The receiver can then respond to you or try to contact you.  If they feel necessary, they can contact the local police and provide them with all the information on the Driver as well as your last known location.

*Note that some features may require a premium subscription


Rider Basic

Scan & Verify w/Notifications
Free Monthly
  • Scan & Verify App
  • Scan History
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Email & SMS Text Message to Contacts
  • RideAfide Safety Newsletter

Rider Plus

Audio / Video Capture for Emergencies
FREE Billed Annually
  • Scan, Verify & Notify App
  • Scan History
  • Audio & Video Capture for Emergencies
  • Multiple Emergency Contacts
  • Email & SMS Text Message to Contacts
  • RideAfide Safety Newsletter
  • Offers & Discounts
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