RideAfide Launches Rideshare Safety System

July 2019

RideAfide launches the world’s first independent safety and verification system dedicated to providing a better overall experience for the rideshare industry while setting the height of the bar for safety and verification for all rideshare companies and drivers.


A simple App for your mobile device can save your life!  Whether you’re a frequent or occasional rideshare user, this app is for you.

The recent reports of women being abducted, assaulted or worse and men being robbed is indeed frightening. With travel on the increase, more and more vacationers are turning to a rideshare entity for transportation.  You arrive in a new city and rely on an unknown driver to transport you to an unfamiliar location.  What could go wrong?  An innocent and convenient transportation method is being abused.   You and your family’s safety is of utmost importance.  That’s what RideAfide is all about.

Each driver participant is verified through a 19-point proprietary process and issued a unique and personal RideAfide emblem.  The emblem is encoded with the driver’s profile, vehicle identification and license plate number.    It is clearly displayed on the vehicle for easy scanning by your mobile phone,  The driver is verified as a bonafide rideshare driver before you even enter the vehicle.  No more mistakenly getting into the wrong vehicle.

Once in the vehicle, there is mechanism in place to notify a designated friend or family member that you are safe OR alert them to an emergency situation.  A video can be recorded and sent with additional details and stored on the cloud for evidence in case your phone is lost or destroyed.

Drivers–This is a big win for you!  This additional safety and security level separates you from the vast rideshare field and promotes you as a verified driver lending confidence to your passengers.  Higher trust will have passengers seeking you out, increased loyalty and more revenue. 

Driver’s sign up today at www.rideafide.com and passengers be sure to download our app available on the AppStore and Google Play.