How it works

Rideshare Drivers sign up with RideAfide and are reviewed through our 19 point verification process.  They display a unique RideAfide Emblem on their vehicle(s) for passengers to easily identify.

Passengers scan the emblem using the RideAfide mobile app, verify the drivers information and  submit in app notifications to emergency contacts if they feel endangered or uncomfortable at anytime.

It’s really that simple, Identify, Verify, Notify.

RideAfide iPhone Mockup 2

Our amazing mobile app.

The first independent rideshare verification and notification system built for passenger safety & security.   

RideAfide’s mobile app allows passengers to send pre-written emails and text messages to loved ones and emergency contacts with the simple press of a single button in less then one second.  

Contacts can reach out to passengers after receiving notifications to ensure they are safe or contact local law enforcement if needed. 

Every emergency notification sends details about the passengers location, the driver and even up to 60 secs of audio and video when the emergency button is pressed.

No other app or company is providing this level of safety to rideshare passengers while collecting real-time evidence for prosecution if needed.  

Our Team

Our team of founders and developers have been working on this project for nearly a year.  We have many more ways to improve the overall safety and security of the rideshare industry and will continue to make it our mission to ensure every passenger arrives at their destination safely. 

We are excited about the future and welcome your thoughts, ideas and stories.  Drop us an email so we may make everyone’s experience a safer one.

What Our Customers Say

I use rideshares like Uber & Lyft all the time, the RideAfide app allows me to easily notify my dad whenever I feel uncomfortable with a simple press of a button. Everyone should be using this app and the best part is it is absolutely free.
Kerry Michaels
Rideshare Passenger