Partnering Safety & Services to the Rideshare Industry

Nomad Moments has partnered with RideAfide to offer users a valuable service to enhance the safety of their rideshare business.  Join Today for FREE!  Nomad users will receive exclusive discounts with RideAfide in their 6 month or 12 month program.  Joining the RideAfide independent safety verification program benefits the entire rideshare experience and demonstrates to passengers that you are a professional driver and take their safety serious, while passengers can appreciate the elevated levels of safety and often reward the better experience with increased loyalty and even tipping.

Nomad Moments Exclusive Offer

Why partner with RideAfide ?


We are the first independent rideshare safety verification system available for drivers and the ONLY system that utilizes physical products to connect the rideshare driver and their vehicle to the passenger for clear visibility and 100% verification. 

Independent Design

The Only passenger vehicle validation system in the rideshare industry worldwide, over a year of design, testing and product development went into making sure that not only the digital functionality worked well but the physical products were of the highest standard to hold up to outdoor conditions. 



Your unique RideAfide emblem validates to you allowing drivers to move emblems easily from vehicle to vehicle and easily updating your profile which allows passengers to easily obtain proper verification and details on there driver

Drive for any rideshare co

We know that many drivers drive for several rideshare companies, just indicate which ones you drive for in our app and passengers easily scan the RideAfide emblem to view your profile and see

How Does it Work

Join the RideAfide Program for FREE

Get all the benefits of offering of the RideAfide Driver & Passenger Safety Program for FREE!
Obtain EXCLUSIVE discounted programs when joining our Free Safety Program
Get discounts on ALL 
RideAfide store rideshare gear
Discounted 6 month or 12 month program packages
*Program items are not included in Free SignUp -available through store purchase

6 Month Program

Over 20% OFF
$ 45
6 month program
  • One Ride a Month Pays for Program
  • High Quality Professional Products
  • Tax Write Off Supporting Safety
Starter Deal

Included In Program

12 Month Program

Over 30% OFF
$ 79
12 month program
  • One Ride a Month Pays for Program
  • High Quality Professional Products
  • Tax Write Off Supporting Safety
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