Fake Rideshare Driver Sexually Assaults Women in Temecula

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The following story was reported by ABC

By ABC7.com staffWednesday, July 17, 2019 2:23AMTEMECULA, Calif. (KABC) — Deputies arrested a man who allegedly posed as a rideshare driver to sexually assault a woman in Temecula.

Riverside County deputies say suspect Luis Fernando Alba carjacked a vehicle on Saturday and then used that stolen vehicle to pose as a rideshare driver.

Sunday night, he spotted a woman waiting near a gas station in Pala and asked her if she was waiting for a rideshare.

She said she was and she got into the vehicle.

But she quickly realized she was not in the right vehicle and asked to be let out.

Authorities say that’s when Alba sexually assaulted her while in Temecula. She was able to escape and call 911.

Authorities were able to identify Alba as the suspect and arrested him on Monday in Moreno Valley.

Anyone with additional information related to this case is asked to call Investigator Cornett at the Temecula Sheriff’s Station at (951)696-3000 or Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Dispatch at (951)776-1099.