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Rideshare Drivers

How Does Rideafide work

Its simple, easy, safe and secured…

  1. Create your FREE RideAfide driver profile
  2. Download your unique RideAfide QR emblem
  3. Display the emblem on or in your windows
  4. Passengers scan to confirm your vehicle and profile upon your arrival for pickup
*Multiple vehicles are all connected to your unique code

Why choose rideafide

  • We are the first independent rideshare verification system available for drivers
  • The ONLY passenger vehicle validation system in the rideshare industry around the world
  • Your unique RideAfide emblem validates on multiple rideshare services
  • Drive for multiple rideshare services and never have to change our emblem
  • Free to enroll and create profile
  • Lead the charge with us for passenger safety

Passengers Love Us

Passengers are seeking to travel with rideshare services that are safe and taking the steps to put more control in riders hands.  

RideAfide gives them the control without removing any of your current functionality, services from your current service. 

When your customers are happy, we believe you will be too…more tips, better ratings and more rides!

Top questions from drivers

Absolutely, the proprietary RideAfide QR Emblem is a unique code for you as the driver and no matter who you drive for Uber, Lyft or any other service, just display the emblem and your passengers will be able to easily validate your the proper driver and vehicle picking them up. 

Not a problem, you are provided a unique RideAfide QR Emblem, this can be displayed on any vehicle and will automatically connect to your RideAfide profile.  In your profile, you can add as many vehicles as you want, even if you just rented a car today.  Just update your profile with a few pics and you’re good to go. 

This is brand new functionality released into the rideshare market, RideAfide is taking every opportunity to educate all rideshare passengers as quickly as possible, however we can provide you with some promotion handouts to provide passengers which will help educate them.  One day, we envision passengers asking drivers….”Where’s your RideAfide QR Emblem?”  

No, RideAfide is currently NOT performing background checks for drivers as we know every rideshare service you are working for or multiple ones, currently perform their own background check on you as a driver.  RideAfide performs a 19 point verification process, this is a proprietary validation algorithm that reviews all the information submitted during registration/signup.  

Absolutely NOT.  RideAfide is an independent rideshare verification system that is designed to allow riders/passengers the ability to confirm and verify their rideshare vehicle and driver prior to entering the vehicle.  This provides the passenger with additional layers of safety and comfort, ultimately leading to a better experience with you as a driver and your rideshare service. 

RideAfide verifies the information provided during registration/signup, if not completed correctly then your registration will be denied.  However, if you provide all necessary information, our team will run our 19 point verification process and verify your account.  Passengers have no ability to book a ride or service through RideAfide, you must be a registered driver with a rideshare service in order for the RideAfide service to work with your rideshare service.   Any questions, please contact us directly for assistance. 

Your standard profile is absolutely FREE, the RideAfide QR Emblem can be downloaded directly and printed as well.  However, we encourge our drivers to make the small investment into our professionally manufactured emblems to display on your vehicle.  These offer your passengers ease of identity and look professional on your vehicles.  You can buy them individually or subscribe for a package where you will get them and more included. 


How Does it Work

All RIDEAFIDE Signups are 100% Free
Our Discount Product Packages

Starter Package

$ 49
All Items below Included in Package Price
  • 2-Premium RideAfide Emblems
  • 1-Driver Identification Badge
  • 2-RideAfide Vehicle Magnets
  • 2-Premium Window Cling Emblems
  • 2-Headrest Signage for Awareness
  • 50-Business Cards for Driver Promos
  • Tax Write Off Supporting Safety
Great Value

All Drivers Receive

Find these and other great driver packages in the RideAfide store.  We have a package designed for all Drivers.

Pro Package

$ 99
All Items below Included in Package Price
  • Premium RideAfide Emblems
  • Driver Identification Badge
  • RideAfide Vehicle Magnets
  • Premium Window Cling Emblems
  • Headrest Signage for Passenger Awareness
  • Business Cards for Driver Promos
  • RideAfide Projector Door Light
  • Light Up 8x4 Glowing RideAfide Sign
  • Tax Write Off Supporting Safety​
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