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Drivers can work for multiple rideshare services and Passengers get to easily identify and verify them upon arrival within seconds.
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Passenger Safety

Committed to provide rideshare passengers safer transportation with verified drivers

Simple & Affordable

Easy to use RideAfide Emblems are generated exclusively for your vehicle, allowing passengers the ability to scan and verify their rideshare driver

Driver Profiles

Verified driver profiles for one or multiple carshare services, located under a single profile for validation ease

How it works

Drivers sign up with RideAfide to create a profile including their vehicle information, photos and a bit about themselves.  We also accept multiple vehicles per driver.

RideAfide will validate your information and activate your profile.  Based on the package you select, you will then be able to download a unique RideAfide emblem for your vehicle and/or RideAfide will send you a premier verified vehicle decal to proudly display on your vehicle. 

Rideshare Passengers create a simple profile to allow notifications to be sent to predetermined contact(s) in event of an emergency.

Its really that simple, as part of the RideAfide Program we strive to protect both drivers and passengers who use any service. 

Living in Miami I use rideshare services all the time and there was never a way to verify before I got in the car that it was the right vehicle. RideAfide solved that issue an it provides me with a sense of confidence that I will arrive safely.

Kelli J - Miami

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